Oh-Be-Ahn, dear friends.. I honour You for the journey, no matter where you are!

It doesn’t matter for what reason you chose my website. YOU KNOW! Yes, YOU ALREADY KNOW, even if you think you don’t. You do! Deep in your heart you do! YOU KNOW! What if you are just pretending that you don’t?

What if YOU KNOW and YOU ARE much more, than you could have ever imagined???

tamara-trebseIs maybe now the time also for you, to wake up and to finally say ENOUGH!? Choose and put yourself first, on the top of your list, above all the other things and people you need, must or should take care of? Is now the time for you to stop choosing limitations, luck, suffering and worries, trying to change people, to change the world? Is now the time for you to choose you, to choose life, freedom, peace and go beyond everything you thought was impossible?

What if only by putting you first, choosing you and choosing life, everything else will change with no effort, like magic? What if magic is everywhere? Magic of life, magic of just being, existing? 

You don’t believe me? Let’s take a deep breath together with all that..

What if everything in life is just an experience? Not good, not bad, not right, not wrong.. Just an experience. What if our “mission” on Earth is to have fun, enjoy and experience life?

What if we really already are enjoying life, – regardless of the bad or the good things – just haven’t realised it yet? What if it’s all just a game we all play? Is now the time to be aware and acknowledge all of your roles and your scenarios?

I know your mind might go ballistic right now consuming all this, trying to put everything in the box, defining.. but it simply can’t. What if everything has nothing to do with logic? What if everything is just energy? Your energy, responding to your consciousness. “Serving” you and not trying to harm or hurt you in any way.

What if you stop looking and searching for answers, for what you desire for you and your life to be all around you, outside of you? What if everything is already here, inside of you? What if YOU, ONLY YOU are the map, the formula, the key for everything?

What if you are the creator of completely everything – the good and the bad – that appears in your life? What if you are “GOD” also?

Hmm, crazy? Insane? Impossible?

Well, dear friends..