By the nature of my work, over the years, I have met quite a few people who are already in the process, especially in the Awakening period. They are interested in specific workshops but often don’t choose to do them because of other people’s participation.

The period of Awakening can be challenging, especially at the beginning when you don’t even know what is happening to you when your focus starts to loosen, and everything that you have believed so sacredly for so long and thought to be true starts to come crashing down. Many people, men, in particular, don’t want to talk about it because they are afraid of being labeled crazy by others.

That’s why all my workshops are also available on an individual basis.

In this way, individuals who did not want to expose themselves or be seen by other people by attending a workshop were able to relax, open up and speak out. They calmed down because they realized that this was not just happening to them, that they were not alone, and that they were not crazy!

So, if you are interested in attending a workshop individually, please let me know the name of the workshop when registering. All other details regarding the date and location are to be agreed upon.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your process – on your path to Self – Realization. Is now the time? Are you ready? 😉

Thank you, and Welcome!

  • Donations for an individual workshop: From € 50 – € 100. Depending on the chosen workshop.


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