True Freedom

Going beyond suffering to True Freedom.

My path has not always been paved with flowers, but I have made it. I have freed myself. I came to an end and found what I had longed for and searched for so long. I found Myself. And it is not what you think or imagine it to be.

Everything you will hear in my workshops, in my private sessions, or read in my stories is an entirely natural process that everyone will experience sooner or later. If not in this lifetime, then in a future one.

This natural process begins with Pre-Awakening. There follows Awakening and other periods, up to what is called Realization – Mastery. When you realize – remember – who you really are and accept and love Yourself fully.

Everything changes completely. It is impossible to describe it all in words; you must experience and live it.

You no longer look outside yourself for energy. You know that the energy is yours, that it is serving you, that everything comes to you, and that everything is already here and now. Perspectives on all things change. You consciously know that you are the creator – the scriptwriter, the leading actor, and the observer of your play, story, and experience.

You take responsibility for absolutely everything that happens in your life, for good and bad situations and things. You are no longer playing the role of a victim. You no longer blame anything or anyone.

You no longer look at life through the spectacles of judgment about what is right and wrong. You go beyond judgment, beyond duality, and finally begin to enjoy life in a way you could never have imagined, and much more when you allow yourself to be in timelessness.

Above all, I would like to emphasize that it is no longer necessary to walk the difficult and tiring path of the process. In New Energy, everything is effortless. You allow it.

Allow what?


There is no need to process or correct anything because nothing is wrong. It never was—any need to go into the past and cleanse patterns, karmic ties, etc. No need to bother with pendulums, angels, fortune-tellers, rituals, mantras, questions, regressions, all sorts of bodily processes and therapies – going outside you for energy. Only if you still want to play with it, of course.

I, too, have been into the New Age stuff mentioned above, as have some before me who have allowed the Realization. But there’s no need to do that anymore.

I am Here, a living proof that it is possible to reach the end of the road and that you can stay here and enjoy life in true Freedom.

I can tell that you are not alone, not the only one, and above all, you are not crazy if you are already in this process and strange, illogical things are happening to you.

I can ease your path to the oneness of Self and to the Realization that you are embodied Consciousness if that is what you choose to do in this life.

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