Thank you, angel …

May 28, 2018

What I have acknowledged today, was way beyond I could ever imagine.

This morning I was again a bit in uncomfortable zone, a bit stuck…and during my conversation with my son, the energy was getting heavier and heavier.

I was doing my best by using the Access tools, but none of them seemed to work, I just wasn’t able to change the energy. I keept trying…

What is realy going on here? What is good about this I am not getting?
What question am I not being here and what is good about me I am not getting?

I took the book Being you, changing the world in my hands, asked another question – What else do I need to acknowledge? and opened the book.

What happened next was very interesting. This was the second time this book opened exactly on the same page in the last two days.
I got pissed off for those 10 seconds, because I knew almost all the written words on this page by heart and I thought I already acknowledged everything in there.

I know that there are no coincidences, so for what purpuse did I create this page again? Is realy something else for me to acknowledge here?

Yes it was…
After few seconds the Universe literally droped a brick on my head…

You probably already know – or not, that we have choosen our parents and that we had something for them, a gift, an awereness.

I already acknowledged what gift I had for my parents and also that they were not willing to received it from me. But I never even thought about my son, that he has choosen me for his mother to and that he also has a gift for me.
You know what, I wasn’t willing to receive and acnowledge his gift also, util this morning.

As soon as I started realy receiving from my son and the gift he is for me, that heavy energy changed. There was lightness, space, magic and a lot of tears, tears of gratitude.

What gift do your children have for you?
Are you willing to allow yourself to receive that gift?

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