What if you could live a whole new life you could never even imagine? What if everything is really possible?

All individual sessions are tailored to your personal mental and physical problems, needs and your preferences.

Please know, that no matter which session will you choose, I am not the one, who will change or solve your problems and issues, or change things in your life, that you would like to change.


I will not try to fix or change anything instead of you.

During the sessions I am totaly present with you and with all that you are, without separation and absolutely with no judgment of you or the choices you make.

I will be and use whatever is required and works in that moment for you.

“Show” you the potentials and possibilities that you can choose, if you are willing to do so. Know that it’s only YOU who can change something that doesn’t work for you any more, if you choose and allow.

It’s just your willingness, the choice – YOUR CHOICE and YOUR ALLOWANCE for the change to occur.

You can choose:

  • In-person sessions or Remote sessions – Long distance sessions.

Remote sessions are conducted either by phone or internet connection – by email, Zoom, Skyp etc., depending upon your preference.