Dear Shumbra,

I wrote this post in gratitude and honor of my dear friends – Shumbra and Masters. Polona and her boyfriend, Sebastjan.

Even though they said numerous times that they were going to stay, they both, holding their hands, went back home to the oceans of their Souls.

They were in love, following their heart and knowingness no matter what. Supporting and inspiring each other constantly. They both maid it. They allowed their Realization.

Dear Polona and Sebastjan,

I do honor your choice. I am so grateful to you for playing with me in this reality – dear Souls, thankful for your light shining upon my Soul. I will miss you, though.

I will miss you, your hugs, laughter, the priceless times we spent together, and the inspiring experiences and stories we shared. So many beautiful stories every time we met. Now is my turn to tell you the story, if I am not mistaken. I have a story for you, a short one this time, and it all started with your departure on the other side.

Throw tears and an immense emptiness I felt inside of me; after two days, I finally realized that you contributed to me once again as many times before with your leaving.

The terrible loneliness and sadness of losing two friends I care about a lot, after all, showed me that you were not the only ones that were gone. Somebody else was dead, too; I wasn’t willing to realize that, and I was still holding back and pretending that it was just something else going on.

Your departure, dear Polona, and Sebastjan, reflected the death of my identity. As crazy as it sounds…

Yes, Tamara, my identity, had died. My identity, which I loved so dearly now from the perspective of a Master and I was still trying to hold on to. After this Realization, I was ready to fully embrace and accept the “new me” all that I Am and finally prepared to listen to the Master’s pause I am the Light. I couldn’t do it before. Haha, and I was wondering why-

Dear Polona, Sebastjan Thank You, I Love You, have fun and don’t forget to prepare cheese and wine when my time comes… Till then, see you in other realms with a part of me still staying here.



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