Dear Human, stop and feel! You can stop longing and hopelessly looking for love everywhere outside of Yourself. The love of your life is with you; within you has always been, but you have not noticed it. Your twin soul, your lost love, the love of your life – is none other than YOU!

And it is not what you think it is. It will bring you deep emotion and tears in your eyes. You will cry like a little child when you realize that you have never really been separated from Your love, from Yourself.

It was only a choice and only an experience. You always knew within you that sooner or later, this experience would end, and you, dear Human, would open up and turn back to Yourself without shame, guilt, and humility because that is You.

Dear Human, you can stop searching and realize that you are your Soul and much more. You are the sovereign Soul in your oneness. Are you ready to surrender to the embrace of your love and to allow and receive that love? Receive Yourself?

Maybe gradually, because this is not something you have ever read or heard anywhere. You could not because this cannot describe in human words. It is overwhelming at the beginning because it is the unconditional love you have never been able to feel from anyone. You cannot feel it either because unconditional love does not come from outside you. There is nothing outside of you, dear Human.

Yes, it is hurtful because you think that you are not worthy of this love, that you are not worthy of the Yourself that you are, because of the guilt buried in your darkness.

You are Worthy, dear Human! Worthy of YOU!

You have never done anything wrong; you are not wrong! You are simply wonderful! You have always been in the eyes of the love of your life!

In the eyes of your Soul – in Your eyes, dear Soul!

And now is the time, if you choose it. To accept Yourself, to stop choosing suffering in any form. It is not necessary.

You can let go of guilt and accept forgiveness from Your greatest love. Not from God or the universe outside of yourself. But from Yourself, because You are Your own God!

Well, dear Human, are you ready to accept Yourself, love Yourself completely, and Allow Yourself to be loved by Yourself?

All these words are not learned or copied from a book. It is not cliché at all. It is real, and it is possible for you too.

I have allowed myself to do this and live in the unconditional love of and for Myself.

So, dear Human, are you ready? ?



Beyond duality and judgment


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