I Love Myself

Maybe the hardest thing in the world is to Love Yourself. And isn’t that what I imagined loving Yourself means. It is not just loving your body, nurturing it, or listening to it. It is not just to put yourself first. Loving Yourself is not what we are taught to believe it is. Because of feelings of inferiority, shame, and guilt, we avoid the real love in ourselves.

I have noticed and realized that very few people genuinely love themselves unconditionally. Most people avoid or overhear me when I bring up love, or they quickly finish by saying that they love themselves and list how well they take care of themselves and their physical bodies. I agree with their statement, but that is not the love I am talking about.

Those of you who have a Twin Flame and feel and enjoy its company and are aware that it is You (and I don’t mean the physical person as a Twin Flame) can roughly imagine the kind of love I am talking about.

I, too, have been accompanied by my Twin Flame almost all the way. But that is another story.

No situation or person can upset or annoy you when you love Yourself. You automatically know that it is you, and because you love Yourself – you love all parts of Yourself, a situation that one feels is challenging, exhausting changes. It changes not for others but only for you.

Love is an extraordinary Alchemist. More about my first experience of realizing this some other time.

Once you love Yourself unconditionally, you are never disappointed again and never need to look for a partner or a pet to show love. You may choose them only to enjoy them, not to seek love.

You will realize that love has always been within Yourself, that you are the love you have been longing for and looking for outside Yourself – in other people, in pets.

Why do I talk so much about this love?

First: because I enjoy it.

Second: because I can. No one is going to burn me at stake in this life.

Third: I also resisted loving and accepting Myself for a very long time, but I did it, and it is possible for each of you.

Fourth: The New Age – the search for everything outside Yourself – is over, and we are in the Age of Self – everything is within you – and we are in the New Energy.

Fifth: everything supports me in this. Well, I am supporting Myself; I am supporting my beloved Human part of Myself because now is the time for those who are ready and choose to do so in this life.


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