Maybe the hardest thing in the world is to Love Yourself. And isn’t that what you imagined loving Yourself means. It is not just loving your body, nurturing it, or listening to it. It is not just to put yourself first. Loving Yourself is not what we are taught to believe it is. Because of feelings of inferiority, shame, and guilt, we avoid the real Love in ourselves.

When you choose and are ready to Love Yourself, I will be with you step by step. We will not talk much about Love, but you will go deep within, open to Self and on a non-physical level, feel, allow and communicate with your Love. I will be present with you, and I will guide you.

Those who have a Twin Flame in your reality and feel it and enjoy its company may find themselves on an easier path to complete Self Love because of your already open heart and experiences on the non-physical plane.

I would highly recommend that you read the following two posts.


I Love Myself

It doesn’t matter where you are in your process – on your path to Self – Realization. Is now the time? Are you ready? 😉

Thank you, and Welcome!

  • Date and location: By agreement.
  • Meeting duration: One hour, with the possibility of prolongation.
  • Donation: 30 € per hour.


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