What if we allowed ourselves to be in total compassion for other people = Ourselves? To be in compassion is to fully respect every choice they make = our choices, decisions without any judgment!

Respecting and honoring their choice, even if they choose to say goodbye – death.

What if we never really die? What if we only leave our physical bodies?

Would it be easier for you to realize that only the physical body dies and that the Soul – the Being of a person is immortal? That you can always feel it energetically, feel its embrace, its love, its touch… communicate with it if you choose to.

So much unnecessary suffering and self-torture when it could be otherwise… for the person who wants to leave but for various reasons cannot choose to or is not in the awareness that they have the option to choose.

I never influence the choice of a person – the Soul! I only remind them that they can choose and only show them the possibilities of what they can choose. I am in my real presence with the person and their Soul-Being. Everything else is up to their choice.

I am in my entire presence with the Soul-Being:

  • of sick, dying persons who are not present in this reality, who are in a coma, who wants to leave the body, but because of the fear of death, guilt, bad conscience, that they will leave their loved ones, that they have not yet done everything they should have done, because of various promises, oaths, unspoken words, self-recriminations, wrongs were done to them, do to others, or any other reason that still binds them to this reality, they do not choose – they do not remember that they can choose.
  • People in a coma due to various medical conditions, illnesses, accidents, etc., are otherwise not present in this reality and cannot verbally communicate with you.
  • I show them that they have choices, that there is no right or wrong choice, that they have free will, and that they can decide and choose to live or leave the body.

If a person chooses life again, everything starts to change, and health can change for the better very quickly; the body is renewed.

  • I pass on their messages to you.
  • I am available to the person’s relatives if they wish to talk or to help them communicate later if they choose to leave.

Each experience is unique and priceless – the joy and gratitude of being able to choose what one chooses. Everything is just an experience, and everything just is.

If you have any concerns about what I am doing, that it is wrong, that some guilt creeps into your mind, that you will be responsible if the person chooses to leave…

You have a choice too, and no choice is right or wrong. 😉

  • Date and location: By agreement.
  • Meeting duration: Depending on the situation. By agreement.
  • Donation: 50 € per hour. 


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