Do you get a headache every time you would like to or you “must” buy a gift for somebody and you don’t know what to get?

Because she or he has already everything?

Well, I am offering you one of the many (others) possibilities and solutions. You can get a Gift Card – Gift voucher for any of my sessions or workshops as a present. If you choose so, I offer you a 20 % discount for each chosen Gift card. 

How does it get any better than this?

Gift vouchers are delivered by email and contain all the needed instructions to redeem them.

In order to receive the Gift voucher, you’ll need to list your email, or the person’s email you’d like to receive the gift. If you list your email, you’ll need to forward the gift card to the gift recipient. 

The Gift voucher is valid for six months.

Contact me for more information or purchase the Gift voucher here:

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