CONSCIOUS BREATH AND ALLOWING – workshop with Tamara, Ljubljana – Slovenia

It is not your job and responsibility, dear Human, to take the burden of your process on your shoulders. It is not for you to try by studying and through various methods to come to Self – to Realization.

To awaken is not meant for you; it is not your job, dear Human! Your job is only to ALLOW and CHOOSE how you would like to experience your process. You can just allow it. and get the hell out of your way.

All the rest will be taken care of by YOU – as Soul, Being, God, Spirit, Divinity… it doesn’t matter what name you pick.

You, dear Human, are here to experience, not try to figure out and control your process mentally; You cannot do it. How do I know? Because that’s what the dear human part of me did for a very long time until it wore itself out and finally opened up and allowed.

Embodied Consciousness Academy™

Workshop Overview:

We will not be learning a new breathing method in this workshop. We will focus on Conscious Breathing – Conscious breath. We will go deeper into how, why, and what to allow. And above all, why Conscious Breath and Allowing – are essential on the path of the process to Self.

As you could read in the opening lines of this post, your human part of Self is here to experience and allow. As you will discover, Conscious Breath and Allowing go hand in hand.

During the workshop, we will also allow ourselves two experiences where we will breathe consciously, open, and allow.

In the first experience, you will choose a beautiful event – a situation for you; in the second experience, you will choose a problem or situation that is currently bothering your life.

We will dive deep into both experiences.

I will be available for your questions during the workshop.

The workshop will last for 2 hours. There will be a 15-minute break with salty and sweet snacks, water, coffee, and tea.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your process – on your path to Self – Realization. Is now the time? Are you ready? 😉

Thank you, and Welcome!

  • I will lead the workshop: Tamara Trebše. 
  • Guests: Your Essences.
  • Date: THURSDAY 14. July 2022.
  • Duration: 2 hours – from 17.00 to 19.00.
  • Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia (I will inform you of the precise location address at your registration)
  • Donation: 25€.

There are a limited number of seats available. 
Registration is required!


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