Maybe the hardest thing in the world is to Love Yourself. And isn’t that what you imagined loving Yourself means. It is not just loving your body, nurturing it, or listening to it. It is not just to put yourself … Read More


I know that the process, the path to accepting the Self, can sometimes be very challenging and stressful. When you don’t see a way out when everything is falling apart, when you lose all the things that once meant a lot … Read More


Would you like to talk about your “problems,” your life, in a relaxed way, without feeling and with the perspective that you are just a student who doesn’t know, isn’t good enough, or even that you have done something wrong? … Read More


You no longer have to fear your darkness and fight with it or against it. What if the darkness is not what you think and believe it is? The very word – darkness, dark – and even the mention that … Read More


Being alone with yourself? What does that mean, and what does it look like? Maybe it’s not what you imagine it to be. I invite you to take a short walk with me to the first bench in the park, … Read More


By the nature of my work, over the years, I have met quite a few people who are already in the process, especially in the Awakening period. They are interested in specific workshops but often don’t choose to do them … Read More


What if we allowed ourselves to be in total compassion for other people = Ourselves? To be in compassion is to fully respect every choice they make = our choices, decisions without any judgment! Respecting and honoring their choice, even … Read More