I found the answers

I have many stories to tell about this topic. This time I decided to share a slightly more light-hearted story. All those I – the human part of Self – did not like very much will take their turn some … Read More

Access Consciousness™ Thank you and goodbye, my Love

Yes, you read the title right. Those of you who know me well know that I worked for Access, that I lived for Access for almost five whole years. I shared it with other people, between those who wanted it … Read More

Beyond duality and judgment

It was a beautiful morning. Neither too cold nor too warm. Just the right temperature for my walk. I went out in the nature. Birdsong and lush vegetation, moistened by the morning dew, accompanied me along the beautifully maintained gravel … Read More


Excited and looking forward to continuing her fairy tale, Tamara went to Vienna for the second time. Despite the obstacles she put in her way, she persistently listened to her heart and inner knowingness. Things did not always turn out … Read More

Welcome Home

There was no need to travel back in time to meet my past lives. They came to me. Unexpectedly. Or, more precisely, they were always here and now, waiting for me to become aware of them and accept them. I … Read More


Dear Shumbra, I wrote this post in gratitude and honor of my dear friends – Shumbra and Masters. Polona and her boyfriend, Sebastjan. Even though they said numerous times that they were going to stay, they both, holding their hands, … Read More

True Freedom

Going beyond suffering to True Freedom. My path has not always been paved with flowers, but I have made it. I have freed myself. I came to an end and found what I had longed for and searched for so … Read More