Beyond duality and judgment

It was a beautiful morning. Neither too cold nor too warm. Just the right temperature for my walk. I went out in the nature. Birdsong and lush vegetation, moistened by the morning dew, accompanied me along the beautifully maintained gravel path. Here and there, a uniquely woven spider web caressed my face, glistening in the morning sunlight, peeking through the treetops. 

I was bathing in the feeling of abundance, beauty, love, and joy of everything that surrounded me and rejoiced with me in its existence. I was in oneness in the oneness of Self.

With absolute clarity, I was aware that everything around me was my creation and that it existed only because of my awareness; my presence was here because I am here.

For nothing exists if consciousness is not present. The moment you put your awareness somewhere, reality comes into being—your reality.

I smiled and remembered how much time and effort I had unnecessarily invested in understanding this, which my mind had failed to do.

It’s all so simple; once you relax, you just let go and stop worrying about it. You and your mind withdraw and go on with your life. The realizations come naturally. Any realization that your wisdom – your knowing – brings has nothing to do with the mind. You know and feel.

The pain in my left knee turned on a red light and caught my attention. As I walked, it became more noticeable, and, as I was still not allowed to overdo it and put too much pressure on my knee after the operation, I sat down on a nearby bench.

I took a few more deep breaths and relaxed into being fully present in the here and now.

Aaaaa, what an excellent opportunity to create and consciously share your consciousness with the world.

My enjoyment of being in my energy and creation was interrupted by the sound of my phone. It announced that it had something for me. I took it out of my backpack and read the message. I got the Adamus Thought of the Day from a friend.

When I read it, I felt a shiver go through my body—that ahaaaa when you realize something. A new realization came to me.

“Waoooo, of course! I mean, really! And it was so obvious all the time and here! But I didn’t notice. That was the cherry on the cake. That was the final key for me to go beyond duality and judgment!”

My lips spread into a broad smile, and my eyes moistened. I became deeply moved by the beauty of the realization as I read the thought once more.

It had been long since I was no longer in duality, in the trial of anything. I could no longer judge, not even when I wanted to. I could only pretend and consciously play that I was still in duality and that I was judging. Doing so allowed me to easily coexist with other people in this linear reality.

But I couldn’t do that absolute profound judgment anymore when you feel that something is good or bad.

Until this moment, I had assumed that it might be the result of things I had experienced in passing, on top of everything else.

The first thing I played with at the beginning of my awakening was the Access Consciousness tool, which bases on confusing the mind so you can go beyond it.

  • Interesting point of view; I have this point of view.

That tool worked, of course, if you used it. For each judgment, you had to repeat those words a few times until the energetic charge of the judgment was gone. A great tool to improve this life in the context of time and space. I eventually stopped using this tool because I didn’t need it anymore.

Then there is another thing that I had and have unimaginable experiences with. That is time. Because beyond time, duality does not exist.

I added the incredible realization that everything is just a game we play to these two things. We choose different roles in each life, observing and playing them. We are bad people at one time and good people at another. Hmmm, and why do we do that? To get to know Ourselves better.

Anyway. It has become crystal clear how I managed to go beyond duality and judgment. Casually and effortlessly.

Because of the love created here on Earth, light and dark could melt together.

– Adamus

My love for Myself has made my light and darkness merge and duality disappear!

Not love for another, but deep love for Myself, for All that I Am. Love is, for me, the most beautiful angelic sense.

If you have not experienced this yet, let me tell you at once that it is not what you may imagine. It is not only loving your physical body, love for this human identity, to put yourself first. Well, in a way, of course, it is, but it is not the love I am talking about.

This love goes beyond anything you have ever heard or experienced about love. I cannot describe it in words. It has to be chosen and experienced.

I fell in love with myself somewhere in the middle of my awakening. ( How the hell I did it is a whole other story for another time.)

Since then, I have fallen in love with myself over and over again. And because I genuinely love Myself, it is impossible not to love everything that happens in my reality: the good and the bad. Because everything I hear, see, perceive, and smell in my reality is my energy, is Me. I Am also Me.

By loving Myself, everything from my point of view is perfection, without any defect. It just is.

For example:

I love health and sickness because they are both my energy – they are Me: the same energy, just different expressions. But which one I want to dive deeply into and experience – even more deeply experience Myself, is entirely my choice.


While you are reading this story, there is this potential for you to experience this love here and now. It is waiting for you to choose it if you wish.


Your intention, your choice, is enough. You take a deep breath and feel it, immerse yourself in it. Without any details, any definitions of what it should look like, how it should feel, and later happen.

But you can choose something else. How do you want to experience this potential? With ease, beauty, deep sensuality, grace, gratitude, lots of laughter, joy, etc.? Again, without details.

If your mind gets in the way, take another deep breath and allow yourself to go beyond it.

Then you don’t bother with it anymore. You forget all about it. You know that you have chosen this potential of loving Yourself, all that You are, and you allow it to unfold of its own accord, in a way that you, as the human aspect of Yourself, could never have planned.





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