Being alone with yourself? What does that mean, and what does it look like? Maybe it’s not what you imagine it to be.

I invite you to take a short walk with me to the first bench in the park, where you will experience – feel what it is like to be at one with yourself, with my presence and guidance.

Being alone with yourself is not just being alone on a bench reading a book or on a couch alone watching your favorite movie, etc. It is indeed that you have taken time for yourself and are doing what you like; it is commendable, but reading a book and watching your favorite movie can be a kind of distraction from being utterly alone with Yourself.

What if you put down the book and turned off the TV? Could you allow and dare to be alone with yourself? Without debating with your mind? Without planning for the future, what still needs to be done, and without dwelling on the past and running away from your own darkness, your demons, and the hurt, raging aspects that just want to go back home?
Is that even possible? 

YES, it is! It is not dull and not as difficult as you may think and imagine it to be. But of course, it depends where your Consciousness is.

When you allow yourself to be total with yourself in Self-acceptance and Self-love, it is the most beautiful thing you can experience and, consequently, live. You realize what presence really means. You are not in the past or the future, nor in the so popular – now mind moment. You are ALL – EVERYTHING right now and right here.

Then you can be in a crowd of people and at the same time be with yourself. You will never again seek company because you are bored alone. You will seek company when you choose and want it, not out of a need not to be or stay alone.

Your mind interprets all this in its way because it simply cannot understand what I am saying. They are just words. It is necessary to experience and sense it all to know what I am talking about.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your process – on your path to Self – Realization. Is now the time? Are you ready? 😉

Thank you, and Welcome!

  • Date and location: By agreement.
  • Meeting duration: One hour, with the possibility of prolongation.
  • Donation: 50 € per hour. 


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